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LegHandles™ with Elastic Band Handles Model 100

$26.95 pair

Get a GRIP!™

Model 100 (S-XXL)

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Simple, reusable, easy to use LegHandles™ with Elastic Band Handles provide a level of effectiveness, comfort, convenience, and safety not available to lifters and jumpers via today’s conventional methods.

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Higher Jumps
Safer, More Stable Lifts
Greater Comfort
No More Groin Pain
Reduced Waste
Youth and New Player Development

Facilitates Backlifting
Easy to Grip During Jump
Enables Power Grip
Good for One-Lifter, One Leg Style
Quick removal

How to Use...

LegHandles™ are easy to use. View detailed instructions on how to use the Model 100.

Taping Diagram

The following diagram illustrates the taping instructions for Model 100.
View the full Model 100 - Taping Instructions for more details.

Model 100 Taping Diagram

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